• Emily Curry

Live on the Lawn 2019

Hi All!

For all you wonderful people that follow our Instagram page (@emilysfudgekitchen), you'll know that a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed our first feel-good event of the summer: Live on the Lawn at the Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch! Despite the early start to set up - I have a photo up in my bedroom that proclaims 'I don't do mornings' - it was hard not to be drawn by the beaming sunlight cast through my window, which certainly put me in a good mood for a fudge event. This event has been a staple for us for the last three years, although this year we had the added challenge of loading a new car, which is no mean feat when your brain cells have barely risen from their nightly slumber.

Nevertheless, we safely made it to 'our spot' on the gorgeous Kings Arms green, where Rob promptly erected our gazeebo (though not without some argument with nearby shrubbery) and I tended to our beloved sweet cart. All around us was a hubbub of activity, with The Kings Arms this year investing in a new wooden structure to sit aside their food marquee; this later transpired to be a fantastic set of barbecues wafting tantilising and mouthwatering smells our way. Children ran around freely and happily in the mid-morning sunlight, whilst giant inflatables, trampolines, ice cream vans, and a host of musical accompliments were prepared for a busy day ahead.

This year, we had brought along ten flavours with free tastings of our Vanilla Sponge and Mint Chocolate offerings. With these presented against the contrast of the white wooden sweet cart, we were ready for the day; this gave us a brief moment to enjoy the beautiful scenes around us. The Kings Arms Hotel green sits amidst the picturesque ruins of Christchurch Castle, sat not one hundred yards from the steadily flowing River Avon and Christchurch Priory.

Our serenity was short-lived, for the best of reasons, as people in their hundreds gradaully saturated the green, with others making a pitstop for sweet treats on their way to Chirstchurch Food Festival just down the road. With a steady flow of people throughout the day, I had the deep-seated pleasure of seeing new customers, customers that follow us on Facebook, and those that have heard about us by word-of-mouth, digging into a product that I had painstakingly made accompanied by a satisfied 'mmmm'. Ah, nothing sounds sweeter (sorry)!

With a hard day of selling behind us, a well-earned (if I do say so myself) supper nestling in my stomach and an ice cold drink in hand, I found myself looking forward twelve months, to another Live on the Lawn.

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